​Adchem offers high-standard and durable waterproofing solutions for construction and household uses.

All products are carefully developed and field-tested for superior quality.

​Water-based acrylic waterproofing membrane

​Polyurethane acrylic waterproofing membrane

Solvent-based polyurethane waterproofing membrane

​Water-based polyurethane waterproofing membrane

Bitumen waterproofing membrane

Positive & negative sided cementitious waterproof coating

Flexible cementitious waterproofing membrane

Flexible cementitious waterproofing membrane

PVC Waterstop

​Self-adhesive bitumen waterproof membrane

Crystalline waterproofing substance

One component polyurethane injection foam

For Watertanks & High Moisture Areas

Solvent-free epoxy coating

Solvent-free epoxy primer for moisture resistance

Water-based epoxy coating

Water-based epoxy primer

Flexible cementitious waterproofing membrane

Water-based acrylic waterproof membrane

For Walls

Silicone-based (invisible) water-repelling lining

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