Polyurethane acrylic waterproofing membrane

Acoflex 600

  • Acoflex 600 is a liquid-applied elastomeric hybrid waterproofing membrane. It is formulated to be easily applied by brush, roller and spraying equipment. After cure, it forms a highly flexible and elogation  membrane. This membrane will remain permanently elastic and keep its colour.

    Excellent adhesion to most porous and non-porous surface. Ultra violet ray and weather resistant.

  • As waterproof and repair watertight for all roofs, gutters, eaves, balconies, walls and domes etc. to against water penetration and seepage in all weather conditions. 
    Can be applied directly on various kinds of substrates such as:  concrete, mortar, ferrous and non-ferrous metal, tiles, corrugated iron, plastics and bituminous felt, etc.

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